Your Office Manager Leaves – Then What?

Your Office Manager Leaves – Then What?

How are you going to do the invoicing, keep track of who owes you money and who you need to pay? What about the PAYE and payroll? Even more important what about the cash flow and monthly reporting on progress?

All is not lost!

Like the aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquakes the world has changed.  Technology means that there are many more business processes handled by email or on the internet – the Cloud. The quality of online software like Xero has dramatically improved and made this part of the process more efficient with better and more update reporting. Using a Payroll system can make that process more reliable and accurate at much less cost than manual systems.

On the other side the cost of having an Office Manager has not gone down. When you factor in salary, Kiwisaver subsidy, holiday pay, sick pay, temp staff and other specific staff costs there will not be much change from $60,000 per year.

Many small businesses do not have an Office Manager so the owner spends time usually at nights trying to catch up on the book work which many hate.  This means less time to spend on the business or making money. Time pressures often mean that important stuff gets left behind.

“Wearing the Right Hat” is key – everyone should concentrate on what they are best at.

The Solution

Leave the office administration and bookkeeping stuff to the people with the expertise.

We recently launched a “YOUR BACK OFFICE” service to free up small business owners and improve bottom line profits.

This service includes:-

·         Receivables and invoicing ·         GST returns
·         Payables ·         Budget forecasts
·         Keeping  Xero up to date ·         Monthly reporting
·         Payroll management

You also get at no extra charge the bonus of:-

 Service provided by experienced and qualified accountants.

Expertise in helping you grow your business, and in all aspects of tax.

The Cost

The cost is from $300 per week which in most cases will be less than 33% of the cost of the departing office manager. If you don’t have an Office Manager then this will free you up to make money without all the dreaded paperwork.

Call us for a chat. You will be pleased you did.