Begin with the end in mind

Do you wonder how you can you get the competitive advantage and make your business superior?

Are you also on a daily grind with your business consuming many of your waking hours, worrying about sales, cashflow, staff, invoicing.

It’s all the more reason to beat a track to our door. We can help flick the switch so the end result is working:

ON your business and not IN your business

Specialist business advisory services

For kiwi businesses that want to go somewhere we handle all the accountancy and tax stuff and become as involved as much as you want us to to be:-
Our commitment to you:

  • Provide expertise and technology.
  • Become an indispensable part of your team.
  • Provide financial input into all key business decisions.
  • Improve business profitability and value.
  • Help you realise long term financial independence.

Relax with a fixed fee package so you know where you are at – just as you want to be in YOUR business.
Link with our Trust services for Trust set up and management.

Business and Strategic Planning

As business advisors, it’s our job to help you get to where you want to go. That’s always easier when you have a plan that details HOW you’re going to get there.

Profitability and Business Value Targets

Setting realistic goals requires knowledge of the steps required to reach those targets. We can help you to set achievable objectives, goals, and targets for your business’s profitability and value.

Key Performance Indicators

How do you know if your business is doing well? You need reliable performance indicators so that you can recognise when you’re starting to go off course.

Business Structuring

When it comes to business structures, one size does not fit all. Having a business structure that fits your company can mean that you’re more financially and legally secure.

Preparation of Budget Forecasts

A budget forecast is a powerful business tool. It gives you an estimate of what you can expect the future to look like, which allows you to react accordingly and be prepared for the best and the worst.

Business Development Planning and Review Meetings

As business advisors, we have a genuine interest in helping your business to succeed. That means we help you create a plan for developing your business, and then we meet with you regularly for continued support.

Compliance Accounting

Along with the big picture stuff that helps your business grow there is the need for the end of year accounting process.

Working with Xero setup for your accounts during the year and using other in the cloud technology means your final accounts can be rolled out efficiently at balance date.

Tax Planning

If you plan ahead, you could save a lot of money when it comes to tax time. Let us advise you on the legal things you can do to pay only what you owe, and nothing more.

Business in the Cloud with Xero

It’s nice to enjoy life. That’s why we suggest that our clients use Xero. It puts your entire financial system in the cloud, so you can access it from your tablet, your smartphone, or your computer from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Popular spots for reviewing financial data on Xero are: the beach with a cold drink, the living room during lunch time, the coffee shop while sipping on a flat white, or the back yard while soaking up the sun.

We can set you up for use in your business and train you to use it. But if you wish to have more time to focus directly on your business, or just to relax as you deserve, you can hand the reins to us.

Key features:-

  • Post daily banking transactions imported directly from your bank.
  • Reconcile your banking transactions.
  • Easy invoicing.
  • Pay bills.
  • Connect to Apps.
  • Go mobile App.
  • Payroll.
  • Claim expenses.
  • Manage Inventory.
  • Smart reports.

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