Heather’s property investing success story

Heather’s property investing success story

Heather determined in her twenties to become financially independent and secure and she has done so through successful rental property investing.

What makes Heather stand out from the crowd is she is a single mother who has never been a high income earner. Apart from working in a bank early on in her working life, Heather has been in caregiving support roles on minimum wages, making it much harder to make her money work for her. In spite of seemingly impossible odds she never faltered in her goal and the result today, some thirty years later, is a property investment portfolio of five rentals and a home of her own.

It can be said it is harder now than “back in the day” but Heather’s situation equates with the struggle of today because her circumstances made it just as hard. To have the vision to take bigger strides is something quite remarkable.  In Heather’s words it is sacrifice that is needed and once committed “you don’t have much choice but to make it work”.

Heather started a Home Ownership account with regular deposits which led to the excitement of purchasing her own home. She retained this while she travelled and worked for a time in the UK and hadn’t considered moving further up the property ladder until a friend wanted a home of her own and felt she wouldn’t be able to.  Heather saw that she herself was in a position to buy another – and so she did “because she could”.

The first Wellington rental property was purchased followed in time by two more before a stretch to two in Levin.

The commitment to property has seen Heather prepared to withstand the lure of material trappings as she moved towards success and her goal of independent financial security. She manages her properties herself and has gleaned knowledge and confidence for the market by attending personal development and property investment courses, and reading books. The acclaimed “Rich Dad, poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki  is one Heather found particularly inspiring. Learning also that small amounts add up has helped withstand needless spending and meant being able to put that bit extra where needed.

Today you could say Heather has made it. Her daughter has a private boarding school education and she can enjoy more of what she wishes.

The fifth rental property in Levin was bought last year and it was hard for Heather to take the plunge and pay the price the market now demands.  So very different from her first buy in the town where values remaned low and level for years until being swept up with the mania of high regional prices and buyers looking beyond Wellington for home ownership.

Having a plan, doing research, sticking to the plan and going without  provided the necessary focus to make success inevitable.

Vision, courage and determination have brought it together for Heather and her position is strong even if a reality check of some kind reins the galloping market in.