What We Do

Set up of Trusts

Family Trusts / Charitable Trusts / Trading Trusts

Not only will we prepare the trust deed for signature by the trustees, we will also explain the process and purpose of your trust to you so that you fully understand it. For charitable trusts, we can prepare the documents for registration of the trust and advise you on the day-to-day running of your trust.

Why you need a Trust

 Presented by Tony Richardson of Capital Accounting Associates Limited in attendance with Joy Durrant from Financial Prosperity Partners

Establish Goals for the Trust

What is the purpose of your trust? What do you hope to achieve with it? These are questions we can help you answer.

Prepare Trustee Minutes

Trustee minutes serve to document meetings made by the trustees and the decisions agreed upon in those meetings. We can prepare your trustee minutes in a clear and professional manner.


We can prepare the initial gifting documentation and any subsequent gifting paperwork needed.

Transfer of Assets

We can prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement needed to transfer your assets to the trust.

This can include your property, transfer of NZ listed or NZ private company shares and transfer of NZ Life policies.

Estate Planning

We recommend how to structure your affairs to best suit your circumstances to enable your passing to be as stress free as possible for your family members.

Annual Review of Trusts

An annual review of trusts is important as circumstances change, and an independent look at it gives comfort to the Trustees that all is in order in the decision-making process, and the paperwork.

Act as a Trustee

In suitable cases, we can act as a trustee for new or existing trusts. We will advise a fee for this service reflecting time, involvement, risk, and responsibility.

Prepare Annual Financial Statements

We can prepare annual financial statements in line with appropriate accounting and legal procedures.

Trust Advisors

We advise trustees who need professional guidance in decision-making and meeting their legal obligations under the trust deed.

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