NZ Super – don’t miss out

NZ Super – don’t miss out

The countdown to the long-awaited NZ superannuation is seldom over-looked, but don’t miss out on getting your entitlement from your 65th birthday because you over-look applying ahead of time.

That is defined as 12 weeks ahead of your 65th birthday. The reason this is also important is that payments are not back-dated if you are late with your application. Your coming of age may not be quite the splash you had intended.

What you need to plan for:-

You can apply online for most NZ benefits including Super but also be aware that there is an extra exercise if you do not have an existing client number. In effect this means you have not previously received a NZ benefit. It appears this may not be the norm as one of our clients discovered when stating this fact to a WINZ staff person; the response was surprise.

Once you have made the phone call needed for this part of the process, you can then complete the steps online:-