Granite Lifeforce tonics

Granite Lifeforce tonics

Granite Lifeforce Tonics had its beginnings at a time when nurturing our bodies for ultimate good health and well-being wasn’t as embraced as it is today. But how things have changed.

Our clients Kathy Just and Steve Weller love what they do which is making a difference to people’s lives with their Granite Lifeforce range of tonics that go beyond mainstream, packed full of the most potent organic food sources. How can you beat Ginger Zing, Chili Glow, Turmeric Gold and Blackcurrant Blast?

While Kathy is involved more in the day to day running of their now successful business, she and Steve have mutually grafted a foothold in a very competitive market. The couple share common beliefs and philosophies for healthy and vibrant living, which is a good thing considering their meals are generally raw food based. “We are firm believers in assisting our bodies with the best fuel we can,” says Kathy.

There was no defining moment that inspired the couple to adopt healthy, organic eating and lifestyle changes. “I was always interested,” says Kathy.  And the idea for raw based juices with prebiotic qualities progressed from there.

Home is an idyllic rural setting in the Waikato, conducive to peace and harmony. But while there is sprawling land and Kathy loves gardening, it is more practical to source the ingredients from regions that grow them well and to spare Kathy extra busy-ness. Happily New Zealand ticks the boxes for all but the maca root and ginseng which are imported. All of the ingredients are organic with 95% being certified organic.

The tonics have honey and apple cider vinegar as their base which has a long history as a home remedy for many health issues. Beyond this each tonic delivers its own characteristics to provide specific health benefits or to simply serve as a powerful immune booster, energiser and mind food.
It’s hard not to know something these days about the super foods that are infused in the tonics.
Plus, daily only 100ml is needed for the benefits so value per bottle comes into play.

The market is solely NZ at present with the production somewhat splintered. The tonics are produced in a hired commercial kitchen in nearby Hamilton with labelling and packaging done from home. But as sales have grown and with an eye to overseas exports following enquiries, Kathy and Steve are looking at adding a building on their lifestyle block.

We have been pleased to be part of Kathy’s and Steve’s journey from the start.   The forward thinking was there at a time when as Kathy puts it, they were thought to be a “bit odd” and the formula for the tonics was still evolving as with tastings trialled with friends and family.  Now a more natural and holistic approach to health is very much the norm, how satisfying for Kathy and Steve to be living and working the dream.

A great opportunity to connect with Granite Lifeforce tonics will be at this year’s Go Green Expo to be held at Wellington’s TSB Arena on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.  Drop by their stand; they would love to meet you.

Four tickets are available for giveaway to the Expo. Simply “Like” Granite Lifeforce Tonics Facebook page and be in the draw to win.

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