E-signatures legally recognised

E-signatures legally recognised

Life just got easier with electronic signatures now accepted on documents and information provided to Inland Revenue. This includes tax and GST returns. The hassle of printing, scanning and processing is eliminated.

At Capital Accounting we are already hitting the button to forward your returns to you for simple signing and return to us ahead of filing with IRD. If you file your own e.g  GST return or documentation to IRD you may do so yourself if your software complies.  The good news is that Xero complies with e-sign by Adobe Sign.

You will also be aware of digital signatures and there is an important difference. An electronic signatures (or e-signature) is the equivalent of a written or “wet” signature. A digital signature uses encryption technology to provide authority. It is created and verified by code.

There are many ways to create an e-signature depending on the software you are using.

The e-signature can contain text identifying you or it can be in the form of a scanned copy of your handwritten signature. Once created it can be saved for future use.