ACC Advocacy

ACC Advocacy

We are pleased to announce that we partnered this week with risk management consultancy Manage Company to act between us and ACC on your behalf.

ManageACC have become our expert go-to people for specific issues and will guide and bat for you should the need arise. We know how confusing and stressful it can be sorting out levies and claims and we believe we will be in good hands.

Sue Walton is our designated representative and recently left ACC for her new role which she reports she is loving.  Sue was our super-efficient go to person at ACC, so brings a wealth of insight and expertise to her new role on the other side of the fence.

Some of the things ManageACC can assist with:-

  • Checking ACC invoices and experience rating applications for accuracy.
  • Reviewing classification units for accuracy (1 in 5 are wrong).
  • Confirming correct full time/part-time status for self-employed clients.
  • Applying the use of money interest.
  • Reviewing options for Cover Plus Extra.
  • Request re-assessments where applicable and possible subsequent credits.
  • Negotiate payment plans and debt management with ACC.

Sometimes there will be a cost but that will be discussed before going ahead.