About Us

Business is our passion. Helping kiwi businesses grow. It’s what we are good at and what we enjoy doing.

Over the years Tony our director has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise coupled with a boundless enthusiasm to help clients.

One thing about Tony though is that while he likes to put business owners in the position of “relax and enjoy life” while their business rolls along nicely, such is his passion for what he does he hasn’t  quite managed  himself to ease into the scene of cushy days at the beach or long latte fuelled lunches.

He will get there one day but in the meantime…..

Effectively we are a one-stop shop.

This means that in tandem with the stuff accountants are expected to do, we provide services on all financial aspects of business and also for Trusts.

We have launched into cloud technology with programs such as Xero meaning we can work with you with greater ease and efficiency.  It also means you can scan, upload and file documents electronically. Whoever would have thought we could actually beat the paper war?

So there we are. Moving with the changes, a nice friendly team in our Lower Hutt office, ready to do business with you.

Testimony to our services

A 2015 survey by our top clients returned the following responses ticking the top positive answer choices for all questions.

We share the results.

  • General overall rating of Capital Accounting:
    40% excellent, 60% very good
  • General care and concern shown for your affairs by our team:
    80% very satisfied, 20% satisfied
  • Our availability and promptness in responding to you:
    40% very satisfied, 40% satisfied, 20% quite satisfied
  • Likely to recommend us to others:
    80% very likely to, 20% somewhat likely to
  • Fees charged for our services as value for money:
    100% satisfied
  • Our completion of your work on time:
    20% very satisfied, 80% satisfied
  • Advice we have given on business and tax matters:
    60% very satisfied, 40% satisfied
  • Satisfaction with the range of services offered:
    100% satisfied

Tony Richardson


Julie Keyworth

Practice & Trust Manager DipJ. Xero Certified

Bex Garthwaite

Client Advisor BA. Xero & Xero Payroll Certified

Lea Watt

Practice Administrator. Xero & Xero Payroll Certified

Aimee Ross

Client Advisor BCA CA. Xero Certified

Lisa Harrington

Client Advisor BCA CA. Xero Certified

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